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How move past relationship

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Nine years ago my heart was in a million little pieces that formed the basis for a million regrets. I had my first serious relationship in college, when all my insecurities came to a head. My ex-boyfriend had to juggle multiple roles, from therapist to cheerleader to babysitter.

5 Ways to Let Go...

The whole relationship revolved around holding me up. The guilt and shame kept me single for almost a decade. I dated, but it was always casual. Long after I let go of the man, feelings about the relationship held me back. I was afraid of being vulnerable. I was afraid of being hurt.

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But mostly I was afraid of hurting someone else again and having to live with How move past relationship. This might seem productive—like you can somehow change things by rehashing it. All dwelling does is cause you to suffer. When you start revisiting the past in your head, pull yourself into the moment. Focus on the good things in your current situation: It might help to tell your friends to only let you vent for ten minutes at How move past relationship time.

Instead, keep reminding yourself that you are human. And you will learn from them and use those lessons to improve your life. Also, keep in mind: You can only do that if you feel love toward yourself. And that means forgiving yourself. True, I was single throughout my twenties, but that made it easier to travel and devote myself to different passions.

Whatever happened in the past, it prepared you for now—and now is full of opportunities for growth, peace, and happiness.

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Scientists also suggest this is a biological occurrence—that the longing can have an addictive quality to it, actually rooted in our brain chemistry. As a result, we tend to remember everything with reverie, as if it was all sunshine and roses. In all reality, you both have strengths and weaknesses and you both made mistakes.

Unless you hop from relationship to relationship, odds are you lived a fulfilling single life before you got into this one. You were strong, satisfied, and happy, at least on the whole. Remember that person now.

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Reconnect with any people How move past relationship interests that may have received less attention while you were attached.

The strong, happy, passionate person you were attracted your ex. That person will get you through this loss and attract someone equally amazing in the future when the time is right. Not a sad, depressed, guilt-ridden person clutching to what once was. What do you love about life? Hope can be a terrible thing if it keeps you stuck in the past.

Breaking off the friendship might feel like ruining your chances at knowing love again. So instead of wanting a specific person to re-enter your life, want love and happiness, whatever that may look like.

You will know love again. In one way or another, you will meet all kinds of people and create all kinds of possibilities for relationships—if you forgive yourself, let go, and open yourself up, that is. Next, you feel hurt and guilty. You How move past relationship have done things differently.

Then, you feel angry and maybe even start bargaining. It would be different if you gave it a second go. You have to go through the feelings as they come, but you can help yourself get through them faster. Read books on it, meditate about it, or write about it in a journal.

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Everything about holding on is torturous. The only way to feel peace is to quiet the thoughts that threaten it. Letting go How move past relationship you up to new possibilities. You have to give to receive. Give love to get love, share joy to feel joy.

You might not recognize these types of fearful thoughts because they become habitual.

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I am completely powerless. Replace those thoughts with: All pain passes eventually. It will be easier if I help them pass by being mindful. The best way to embrace impermanence is to translate it into action. Treat each day as a life unto itself.

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Appreciate the people in front of you as if it were their last day on earth. Find little things to gain in every moment instead of dwelling on what you lost. When I feel like clinging to experiences and people, I remind myself the unknown can be a curse or an adventure.

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It How move past relationship me eight years to work through my feelings about relationships and letting go; but I am happy to report I am fifteen months into a healthy relationship, standing firmly on my own two feet.

Woman on the beach image via Shutterstock. As you can see from the comment section, I have received many requests for advice, and I have done my best to offer guidance and support.

However, I feel a responsibility to express that this post presents my own personal experiences and lessons.

I am not an expert on relationships, and I hold no formal training in psychology or counseling. If you are in a physically or emotionally abusive or otherwise unhealthy relationship, I highly recommend you consult a qualified professional.

Due to the high volume of requests for advice, on this and other posts, I may not be able to respond to your comment. However, you are more than welcome to share your experiences! Other readers may be able to offer their insights.

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It's not about me. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Click here to read more. How to Let Go of a Past Relationship: Work on forgiving yourself.

Even if the breakup ended...

Remember the bad as well as the good. Reconnect with who you are outside a relationship. Losing a relationship can feel like a mini-death, complete with a grieving process.

Eventually, you start accepting what happened and shift your focus from the past to the future. Remember the benefits of moving on. When you let go, you give yourself peace. Recognize and replace fearful thoughts. Nothing in life lasts forever. Every experience and relationship eventually runs its course.