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By Rebecca Taylor For Mailonline.

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This Morning fans hailed a 'brave' man for speaking about life with a micropenis - even if they admitted to feeling awkward when he demonstrated how long it was when erect.

Ant Smith has endured ridicule and suffered with low self-esteem throughout his life because of his one-inch penis, but is now seeking to encourage other men with the issue to be proud and happy.

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The year-old poet became known for his penis length when he wrote and performed a poem called 'Shorty' in Since then, he has written a book called the Small Penis Bible, which talks through the issues around life with a small manhood with humour and real-life stories. Ant Smith, left, was once dubbed the bravest man in Britain for being able to speak openly about his micropenis.

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Right, a model in the studio showing relative penis lengths. Ant was asked to show how long his penis is when it's erect, and confirmed to Ruth it's one-inch when flaccid.

Ant was asked to demonstrate on a cardboard cutout model how he looks before and during an erection, compared with an average penis when flaccid. As he pulled the penis, Ant said: Left, Ant spoke about 'using more than that part of [his] anatomy' when Hunks with small dicks was with his wife, and right, he extends the penis on the diagram. Ant has previously been dubbed the bravest man in Britain for speaking openly about his penis size.

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Ant also said that keeping his weight under control was one way to make sure he didn't lose any valuable centimetres of manhood. Viewers praised his ability to speak openly, but did admit to feeling a little bit awkward by the segment.

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A micropenis measures two-and-a-half times less than the average penis length when erect, or less than 7cm, around 2. A systematic review from put the average at 3.

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Fans of the show also praised stand-in presenters Ruth and Eamonn, who host when regulars Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield are off, for managing not to laugh. But some questioned whether Holly and Phil had been kept away to make sure they didn't burst into their well-known fits of giggles.

It's not the first time Ant has been on the show's sofa to talk about his penis. Inhe was interview by Ruth and Eamonn alongside Jack and Clive who also have micropenises.

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Half of men admit to being concerned their penises are too small, according to the show. In that appearance, Ant admitted to being worried about having his first encounter with a new woman when he was going through his teenage years.